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Health and Self-care for Health Professionals

Inner balance for an effective Life (9Mb file)

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What's in the book?

We'll find thoughts and comments from a number of experienced medical and other professionals. It covers health as a concept, hardware body and software being, doctors as patients, self-care and physical health, aspects of psychological health and relationships, including the Drama Triangle, the Inner Smile exercise, Medical Mindfulness, and Compassion in Healthcare. There are some short sections on retuning our software being, top tips for doctors at work, and as patients, and an Emotional Health Strategy.

Please don't accept everything in the book uncritically, please maintain a friendly curiosity and make up your own mind about the areas we discuss.

Our Health Mission

Ask the general public "Do Health Professionals know all about Health?" - and many people will say 'Of course they do". Ask a hundred people how they are - and they say "Fine". Fearful, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotionally Imbalanced (Denial). Ask a hundred doctors, nurses, mothers or managers how they are - and they can't answer - they're too busy putting oxygen masks onto other people (metaphorically) - (Displacement).

These two D's lead into Doctor's occupational Illnesses - the Three D's - Drink, drugs and Depression - as well as Distress, Despair, Disillusionment, Discipline, Debt, Divorce or Death. But if we understand the territory, we don't have to sleepwalk into danger - we can take proactive steps to achieve and maintain our own health, and to have a successful journey in life. 

Our aim is to empower you. Health Professionals learn many things about illness and disease. We learn much less about health. This free book aims to explore the concept of health, cover some of the areas we wish we'd learnt at Medical School, and encourage you to explore further! - and help you help yourself! Please enjoy!

Health and Self Care is compiled by Dr Andrew Tresidder, a GP and GP Appraiser with experience in Medical School teaching (Bristol), Pastoral Care and support of Doctors (SouthWest England), and past Mental Health, Police and Prison work. He has shared widely on Health and Self Care for the BMA Local Engagement Project, NHS England RO's and Appraisers, GP Trainers, SAS Doctors, Consultants, F1's, Medical Students and other professional groups.

Doctors' Health Matters!

self care is really important! We all know to put fuel into the car, to make sure we have an income into our bank account - but many of us ignore the Bank of Health. We continually take out, and forget to put in - what we forget is that if we keep taking out, sooner or later the Health Account becomes seriously overdrawn - and we become unwell. But self Come, let's try and avoid this! Please download the free booklet and browse - and remember to award yourself CPD credits for personal study on this important topic!


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